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Svetloyarskiy district is the southern gate of the Volgograd region. In the north, the district borders on the city of Volgograd and the Sredneakhtubinsky district, in the northeast with the Leninsky district, in the east with the Astrakhan region, in the south with the Republic of Kalmykia and the Oktyabrsky district, in the west with the Kalachevsky district, in the north-west with Gorodishchensky district of the Volgograd region.

According to its geographic location, the region is a transit area. Its territory is crossed by three highways - of republican and regional significance, two railways of republican significance, connecting the northern and southern territories of Russia.

The district is suburban and closely adjacent to the Krasnoarmeysky district of the city of Krasnoarmeysky district. Volgada, which creates conditions for joint work, allows you to quickly sell products of the agro-industrial sector.

Svetloyarskiy region is an agricultural region. Agricultural enterprises specialize in cereals, milk, meat, wool, vegetables, fish.

The peculiarity of the Svetloyarsk region is that the Volga-Don shipping canal passes through its territory. Of the 13 canal locks, 6 are located on the territory of the district. An irrigation system with water intake from the river passes through the fields of the region. The Volga, along which water is offered in the steppe of Kalmykia and our fields are irrigated.

1793 is considered the date of foundation of the regional center - the village of Svetly Yar.

Where does the date 1793 come from?

In the spring of 1793, the famous scientist botanist Pyotr Simon Pallas, traveling across Russia in our Volga regions, wrote in his diary: “Below Sarepta is the village of Luchki, recently built on the Volga, which is located behind the former post station Tatyanovka or Svetly Yarky (Chisty Bereg). The latter lies 12 versts from Sarepta and its name comes from the high sloping coast on which it is located. The steppe here is covered with early white and yellow tulips ... ”- this was the first written mention of the village of Svetly in historical documents.